Terms and Conditions of Hire

Terms and Conditions for Hire

All Hirers: Please retain and ensure that these terms and conditions are read and understood.  By signing the booking form you are agreeing to all terms and conditions set out in this document.


  • The Hirer must be over 18 years of age at the time of booking.
  • It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the ‘Terms and Conditions of Hire’ for the Hall are understood and adhered to by all persons using the Hall during the hire period.  The “Terms and Conditions” are permanently displayed on the notice board in the kitchen and a copy can be found on our website www.thealevillagehall.com
  • No liability will be accepted by the Village Hall Management for any injury or loss however caused, and Hirers are urged to arrange adequate insurance cover.
  • If alcoholic beverages (supplied by Theale Club only) are being made available, the Hirer must be responsible for ensuring that NO alcohol is sold, or consumed, by any person under the age of 18.
  • Alcohol MUST NOT be brought into the hall, for consumption, by hirer’s or their guests – Theale Club Staff have the right to close the party if drink is brought onto the premises as this jeopardises their licence and is in breach of our Terms and Conditions.  The Village Hall Management Committee will retain your full deposit if this occurs.
  • Any hirer whose activities involve children or young people will be required to operate a recognised Child Protection Policy based on the Home Office Code of Practise ‘Safe from Harm’, and should have their own Fire Procedure and Risk Assessments in place.

Payment Arrangements

  • The hire charge will be that applicable at the date of hire in accordance with the current tariff.  An extra charge is payable on Bank Holidays and New Years Eve.
  • A deposit is required with each application for booking the Hall. The deposit will be returned providing the premises are left clean, tidy and in good order.

Failure to leave the premises in a suitable condition will result in partial or full loss of your deposit.  The full or partial deposit retained is to cover the cost of additional cleaning services or rearranging of chairs and tables or repairs.

  • Full payment must be tendered at least one month before the event.
  • A signed copy of the Booking Form should be sent with the deposit to: Mandy McCleave, Secretary, C/o 12 Church Street, Theale, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 5BT
  • Cheques should be made payable to Theale Village Hall.

If the hirer cancels or changes their booking, an administration fee may be payable. This will be at the discretion of the Secretary.  The Secretary will discuss this with the Trustees under exceptional circumstances.


  • As the Hall is in a residential area; music and other noise must be kept down to a reasonable level, so as not to disturb the local residents.
  • The premises MUST be vacated by 12.30am and all noise ceased by midnight.  This also applies to Theale Village Hall Car Park.


  • The Hall, Kitchen and toilets must be left clean and tidy. If the kitchen is used, it is the responsibility of the Hirers to ensure that the floor is swept and washed after use, and all worktop surfaces are wiped clean.
  • The refrigerator must be emptied and left clean. Anything left in the refrigerator will be disposed of.
  • The Hall’s wooded floor must be swept and washed where necessary. The carpet area should be vacuumed.

Floor cleaning equipment is provided (vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, sweeper mops and brooms in the storeroom, dust pan and broom in the kitchen cupboard (next to the cooker). The bar area should also be wiped clean.

Unfortunately, due to Health & Safety rules, we are unable to supply cleaning materials.


  • All rubbish is to be placed in a plastic sack and either removed by the Hirer for recycling, or compacted and deposited inside the waste container at the side of the building, near the external Kitchen door (for which you have keys).
  • No rubbish should be left outside of the waste container. If the container is full, the Hirer must take the rubbish away with them.
  • Glass must not be placed inside the waste container.  The Hirer must remove it and place it in a recycling container at another location/recycling centre.

Furniture and Equipment, Fixtures and Fittings

  • Hirers are asked to leave the chairs stacked in sixes facing the wall. Tables must be cleaned and returned to the storeroom, and stacked correctly.
  • If the carpet, flooring, fixtures and fittings are damaged during hire the Secretary MUST BE informed.  If repairs exceed the deposit paid, further payment will be required, from the hirer, to cover the total cost.  The hall will be checked after hire.
  • All breakages MUST be reported to the Secretary.  A charge will be made for their replacement.
  • All faults e.g. light bulbs should be reported to the Secretary.


  • Hirers must ensure that the oven and burners are turned off, and that the cooker is cleaned.
  • The kitchen should be checked to ensure that all taps and electrical equipment are switched off.
  • Kitchen surfaces should also be wiped clean.

Doors, Windows and Lights

  • Hirers must ensure that all lights are turned off before leaving.
  • Light switches are located behind the internal kitchen door.
  • Turn off all lights, then press the round switch located by the brown entrance door, at the front of the building. This illuminates the porch for approx 10 mins whilst the doors are locked.
  • All FIRE EXIT DOORS must be kept clear at ALL times.
  • Entrance doors must remain closed during a function to retain heat and noise, and designated Fire Doors should be kept closed.
  • Hirers must be certain that all windows and doors and gates (including the barrier at the entrance to the car park if opened) are securely shut and locked before returning the keys.


  • No items whatsoever are to be left in the building, except with permission of the Village Hall Committee.
  • Items of food and drink must not be kept in the store cupboards.
  • The Management Committee will not accept any responsibility for items left in the Village Hall.


  • Any accidents which may occur whilst the hall is in use, MUST be logged by completing an Accident Form in the green folder in the kitchen.  Please return your completed form with the keys as it is  CONFIDENTIAL information.

Electrical Appliances/Bouncy Castles, etc

The Village Hall Management Committee DOES NOT  take responsibility or provide insurance cover for any electrical appliances, bouncy castles, equipment etc. that are brought in by hirer’s.  Hirer’s must obtain their own insurance cover.


  • Smoking is prohibited in the Hall.
  • Use the ash trays available on the outside of the front and rear of the building.
  • Hirers must sweep up cigarette ends discarded outside on the ground, near the front and rear entrance doors.


  • Theale Village Hall Management Committee DO NOT accept liability for any damage caused to vehicles, cars are parked at the owner’s risk.

Equal Opportunities

  • The Village Hall Management committee operates an ‘Equal Opportunities’ Policy in line with West Berkshire Council’s equality plan.  This aims to promote equal opportunities for all residents, irrespective of race, nationality, ethnicity, religious belief, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation.


The person hiring the Hall is responsible for Fire Safety while in the Hall. 


The Village Hall is a Non-Smoking Building

Check list for Hirers:

Before admission of the public ensure that;

  1. All exit doors are unlocked and the push-bar mechanism is tested and in good working order.
  2. ESCAPE ROUTES ARE FREE from obstruction and available for use.
  3. Any fire doors are CLOSED and NOT wedged or propped open.
  4. All Fire fighting equipment IS in place and unobstructed. (Extinguishers must not be removed from walls and used as door stops.
  5. Exit signs are illuminate.
  6. There is no obvious fire hazard in, or near the building.
  7. Please undo the padlock from the double gates to the right-hand side and the padlock on the green single gate to the left-hand side (Theale Club side), at the rear of the building as an escape route (please see the map of the building and fire assembly point on the notice board in the kitchen).

At start of function

Make group/audience aware of position of Fire Exits.

At end of function

  1. Search for signs of fire
  2. Check heaters and cookers and turned off.
  3. Check ALL electrical appliances are turned OFF or unplugged.
  4. Turn off all lights.
  5. Close internal doors
  6. Secure all external doors and windows.
  7. Please make sure the padlocks are locked on the double (blue gates – Village Hall side and single green gate – Theale Club side (at the rear of the building to secure the premises.

The Village Hall is in constant use by many people.  The Village Hall Management Committee requests observance of the ‘Conditions of Hire’ by all Hirers to ensure the smooth running and proper use of the facilities to the advantage of all.

Theale Village Hall Management Committee

July 2018